I am a Disney Bundle subscriber, and I'm having issues logging into my Hulu account.

If you just signed up for The Disney Bundle and you’re new to Hulu, you will need to activate your Hulu account before you can start streaming. 

If you had a separate Hulu subscription, and cancelled with Hulu to consolidate your billing, you will need to reactivate your Hulu account as part of The Disney Bundle to restore access to Hulu. 

You can activate or reactivate your Hulu account directly from your Disney+ account settings. Just follow these step by step instructions. 


1. Log in to your Disney+ account on a web browser



2. Navigate to Account from your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen 



3. Click Stream now next to Hulu under My services. You will be automatically redirected to Hulu.  



4. Complete your Hulu account set up. You will use the same email address that you use to access your Disney+ and ESPN+ accounts, but your Hulu account will be separate from your Disney+ and ESPN+ accounts.