Customer sees "DRM license request failed" message on LG TV WebOS 3.8 or above

There's no error code. Customer only sees the message "DRM license resquest failed" on LG TV WebOS 3.8 or above.

Just in case, first ask the customer to check if there's no system updates needed. If problem insists on occurring, it's because Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is blocking the Disney+ app.



How to prevent IPv6 from blocking the Disney+ app and fix the error message:

  1. Access the main menu;
  2. Go to "Network";
  3. Choose the network connection: Wired Connection (Ethernet) or Wifi Connection
  4. Choose the "Advanced Settings" option;
  5. There will be a tiny menu where shows whether IPv6 is on or off. The last step is to disable IPv6.