How do I redeem my Disney+ Chromebook Offer?

How do I redeem my Disney+ Chromebook Offer?


To redeem your Disney+ Chromebook offer, please make sure you meet these three conditions:

  1. Your Chromebook is brand new
    1. Used, refurbished, open-box, and pre-owned Chromebooks aren't eligible for this offer
  2. You’re a new Disney+ subscriber 
    • Make sure to register through Google
  3. You register before February 29, 2020 and while supplies last


Disney+ Chromebook Offer - Redemption instructions

Have your Chromebook ready? Please use it to redeem your offer by following these steps:

  1. Activate your Chromebook and navigate here 
  2. Find the Disney+ offer
  3. Select “Get Perk”
  4. Allow Google to verify you’re using an eligible Chrome OS Device
  5. Copy your promo code as provided on the Google Chromebooks Offers Site while activating your offer
  6. Select “Redeem” on Google Play
  7. In the Google Play Store, download the Disney+ app
  8. Select the plan of your choice and create a Disney+ account and password
  9. Select your payment method
  10. Select the > to expand the Redeem code section
  11. Enter your promo code
  12. Select “Redeem”


Still having trouble redeeming your Disney+ Chromebook offer? Google Support offers Support pages that can help fix problems with your Disney+ offer, fix problems redeeming your offer, or fix problems with your Disney+ Chromebook offer.

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