Parental controls on Disney+

Disney+ offers multiple parental control features for your use with our service. Select one of the parental control options below to learn more:


Content Ratings

Shows and movies rated higher than your profile’s Content Rating will not be shown while you browse or search Disney+. In your country, you can choose between the following Content Ratings:


By default, the Content Rating on a standard profile is set to TV-14.* To change your Content Rating, choose the profile you want to edit, then select Content Rating from the Parental Controls menu. 


*Content Ratings are not supported on a kid's profile, which is already designed to feature only child-friendly content. 



Kids Profile

Kids Profiles offer an easy-to-navigate Disney+ interface that only features content friendly for all viewers. Learn more about setting up and using a Kids Profile on your supported devices.


Kid-proof Exit

Kid-proof Exit makes it harder to leave a kid's profile with the addition of an exit question. To enable this setting, select the profile you want to edit and toggle on the Kid-proof Exit switch under the Parental Controls menu (account verification required).


Profile PIN

Setting a 4-digit profile PIN can restrict others from accessing your profile on Disney+. You can manage your profile PIN at any time from the Edit Profile screen. To set up or change your PIN, simply select Profile PIN under the Parental Controls menu (account verification required).


If you can’t remember your PIN (or if someone changed your PIN without permission), select Forgot your PIN? below the boxes where you’re prompted to enter it. You’ll need to enter your password for verification purposes before your PIN can be reset.



Profile Creation Restriction

Prevent other users from creating new profiles on your account with Profile Creation Restriction. Once enabled, a password will always be required when creating a new profile. You’ll find this feature in your Disney+ account settings.