I've been notified my Disney+ sign-in details have changed, but I didn't change them. Why?

The Walt Disney Company uses a unified registration system, which means you have a single Disney account (associated with an individual email address) across several Disney digital products and experiences. This allows us to provide consumers with greater simplicity, security, and personalization.

You may have received this notice of a change to your Disney+ sign-in or password because you changed these details on your account with another Disney product or experiences, other than Disney+. Other popular brands that are part of the Disney family include:

Your registration credentials will be the same for all services that use your Disney registration profile. If you change your password on one service, it will change across them all.

Please note: If you believe your account has been compromised, please contact Disney+ Customer Service immediately. (We’re available   and would be happy to help you via live chat, phone, or social.)

We also recommend resetting your password if you have concerns about the security of your account.