How to understand the Serial Codes from the main Smart TV Brands


Each digit can be telling us about the size of the screen, the resolution of the image, the year of manufacture, etc ... Then, not to mention all the brands, we select the main manufacturers.

ex: UE55MU6205

We break down this example reference, EU is the area in which it has been manufactured, in this case Europe. It could be UN if it is made in America and UA in Asia.

55 indicates the size of the screen, it is a 55-inch TV. The letter that follows means the year of manufacture, M = 2017, K = 2016, J = 2015 and so on.

The letter U refers to the type of Ultra HD technology. If it does not have any letters, it is understood that it is a Full HD or HD Ready TV.

Finally, the 4 digits indicate the series, the higher this number is, the better the television will be.


ex: 55PUS6162 / 12

The numbering 55 tells us the diagonal size of the screen in inches. The letter U refers to the type of resolution U = Ultra HD, H = HD Ready, F = Full HD, and O = for OLED models.

The third letter indicates what type of tuner you have, H = DTT and cable tuner; T = they also carry TDT2; K = for those who have DTT + cable + DVB-S and DVB-S2 satellite and the letter S = for those who have the 5 tuners: DTT, DTT2, DVB-S, DVB-S2 and cable.

The following 3 numbers indicate the series, here also the higher the number the better the model. The fourth digit refers to the year of manufacture 2 = 2017; 1 = 2016 and 0 = 2015.

After the numbers, the letter C for curve or F for flat could appear. The bar and the number is the marketing area, / 12 = Western Europe.


ex: 65UJ634V

The first digits as always indicate the size of the screen diagonally, 65 inches for our example tv. The next letter indicates the type of technology, U = Ultra HD, L = HD Ready and Full HD, S = for Ultra HD with NanoCell, the letters B, C, E, G for OLEDs and W for OLEDs Wallpaper. The J is the year of manufacture 2017, as well as H = 2016 and F = 2015.

The final numbers like the other manufacturers indicates the series, the higher the number the better the range of the tv.


ex: TX-65EX600E

The letters TX tell us that it is a European model, if it is American TC is mentioned. Then the numbering 65 indicates the size of the screen in inches. The letter E tells us about the year of manufacture E = 2017, D = 2016 C = 2015 ...
The letter X tells us what kind of technology is X = Ultra HD, S = Full HD and Z = OLED.

The following digits refer to the series and the final letter indicates the distribution within Europe, E for countries such as Spain or the south, B such as the United Kingdom or Ireland.


ex: KD65XE9005BAEP

In this case the first 2 letters refer to the type of technology, KD is Ultra HD and KDL is Full HD. Then the numbering indicates the size, a 65 ″ tv.

The letter followed by R indicates that it is a Full HD or HD Ready model without Smart Tv, W for Full HD models with Smart Tv, X for Ultra HD models with curved screen and A for OLED models.

Then the letter that indicates the year of manufacture F = 2018, E = 2017, D = 2016… The following numbering indicates the series-range.

Finally, the letters BAEP or SAEP appear, the first letter refers to the color B of black S of silver, the rest indicates that it is distributed in Europe.