I am getting 'Error Code 34'

If you see the following error: 

We're sorry, but you've reached the maximum number of profiles for your account. To create a new profile, you must first remove an older one (Error Code 34).  


It means you can’t create any more profiles; you’ve reached seven total profiles, which is the maximum allowed. 

 If you want to create a new profile, you’ll need to delete an existing profile first. 


How to Delete a Profile:  

  1. Once logged in, go to your Profile
    • On a Connected TV
    • Expand the Nav bar shelf
    • On a Mobile Device
    • It’s on the bottom right
    • On a Web Browser (on a desktop or laptop computer)
    • It’s on the top right
  2. Select Edit Profile(s) 
    • If multiple profiles exist, select the one you’d like to delete
  3. Select Delete Profile (It’s at the bottom of the screen.) 

Note: The main account holder profile can’t be deleted. 


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